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Your Wellness Journey Starts Here

Experience the benefits of the Blue Zone lifestyle on our Healiday wellness retreats in Sardinia.

Our retreats are geared towards solo travellers, couples, or friends, who want an intimate, inclusive trip (8-12 people).  Unlike the typical wellness retreats, there are no imposed diets, wine is a big part of it, and not all of our retreats feature yoga.  These are not traditional spiritual holidays, though feeling recharged and renewed will be one of the many positive outcomes. 

And the locations? Blue Zones, known for their beauty, increased happiness, and long lives.

Your Retreat Host, Yoga Instructor & Sommelier

Laura Mendelson

Are you feeling stuck in your life, unhealthy, uninspired? 

What if I told you there was another way? 

I get it, believe me, I know what you are going through.  The pressure, stress, meals on the go, Ubers everywhere, that smoky air, zoning out in front of the TV while scrolling through your socials.

In my former life I was managing luxury hotels and organizing high level events, a lot of pressure and stress.  My daily way of life was totally toxic, and I didn't even realize it at the time.

I moved to Sardinia, got really sick, and everything came to a crashing halt. 

I eventually recovered, found yoga, became a sommelier. 

I founded Sommasté, hosting day retreats and organizing local activities on the northeast coast of Sardinia. 

After a few years, I returned to the states for a visit, and EVERYONE noticed a grand transformation in me and wanted to know what I was doing differently.

I'll tell you my secret; what it all comes down to is the lifestyle.

Life is made of small moments that add up to something big.

Now, I'm inviting you to be a part of my secret world, to learn the tricks, the traditions, the new way of life. 

Discover that there really is another way.

What are you waiting for, connect with us & start packing!

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Laura drinking wine on a boat for healiday wellness retreats

A word from your host...

Meet the Team

We CANNOT WAIT to Meet You in Sardinia!

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Our Method

Nourish Your Mind

We believe that a healthy mind is the foundation of a happy life. Our retreats provide a gorgeous place for you to release stress, recenter, and develop positive habits that will stay with you long after you leave.

Destress & Recharge

Our retreats are designed to help you reconnect with your body and nature. Depending on the retreat, we offer daily yoga classes, guided hikes, and boat trips.  All of our meals feature 

locally sourced ingredients,

in tune with the blue zone diet.

Our goal is to leave you feeling energized and revitalized.

Connect with Your Soul

Our retreats are not just about physical health, but spiritual well-being as well. We offer workshops and activities that help you connect with your inner self, such as meditation, sound healing, traditional rituals and

creative expression.

Charity Donation to Animals in Sardinia

Support Our Mission

Lida Olbia is a non-profit animal shelter in Sardinia that is dedicated to rescuing abandoned animals and providing them with the care and support they need. We donate 1 percent of your payment to helping provide better care for these animals. Should you desire to contribute more, please click on the button below.

Thank you for your kindness.

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